Creating New Learning Experiences Less Anxiety Provoking

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04- Z scores
Slide 1: Hello! I hope this powerpoint finds you well. I realize that this is a rigorous course and that you may be feeling discomfort as you navigate new terms and concepts. In practice courses, brain will recall concepts that are familiar making new learning experiences less anxiety-provoking. However, when learning research and statistics few students have little memory of previous learning of this topic to reduce discomfort. That said, it is important for you to recognize and appreciate your growth during this course as well as to balance your activities. Being an online student, I imagine that you are very busy assuming many roles. Therefore, I suggest that you engage in a pleasurable activity at least every day – for five minutes or an hour in an activity that you enjoy; yet unrelated to this course. Please post pictures about your “pleasurable activities.” I look forward to seeing them.
The following powerpoint slides review the topic of Z-scores, a topic that is probably new to you. If you had difficulty understanding Z-scores, you are exactly where you are supposed to be. Hopefully, the following slides will clarify any misunderstandings that you have. Let’s begin.
Slide 2: During Module 2, we reviewed the different types of distributions. We reviewed the normal distribution and standard deviations. If you are still unsure about this material, I encourage you to review the slide on Types of Distributions as you will need to understand these concepts…
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