Creating The Epidemic Of Blue Green Algae Essay

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When I was a little girl, I spent my summers rafting down and swimming in the rivers of Northern California, minutes from my house. My family would spend hours at the river weekly, having fun and relaxing by the water, but we never truly thought about what was actually in the water. Over the course of a few years, the water started becoming greener, making it so that we could not see the bottom. This cause was from the algae growth in the water. Our county started having health issues from humans and dogs alike, and every case of these issues came from swimming in the rivers. That summer, Humboldt County put a health warning out to the community, asking to stay away from the water. Of course, people would not listen, creating the epidemic of blue-green algae. Algae are the most noncomplex members of the plant kingdom, and the blue-green algae are the most plain of the algae. Blue-green algae have a substantial and increasing economic importance, they have both helpful and life threatening effects on living beings. Although they are named after algae, they are not true algae. Blue-green algae do not have a nucleus, or chloroplasts. Actually, blue-green algae are more related to bacteria, which have closer characteristics. The activity of nitrogen fixation and the occurrence of gas vesicles are extremely important to the triumph of blue-green algae. Blue-green algae are located in various locations on land and in water, generally in environments where vegetation does not
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