Creation : God Vs. Nature

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Creation: God vs. Nature
Ideas and beliefs regarding human origin have plagued the minds of scholars and laymen alike since the beginning of humanity. How, then, did humans come to be? The Divine Creation Myth, as written in the Bible, was commonly accepted by Europeans as the real work of God. Thus, the creation of humanity in the Garden of Eden and the creation of all the animals was an instantaneous event of God 's creation rather than a gradual process. But it seems inevitable that eventually someone would question the explanation of "God" for why humans, plants, and animals exist the way they do. The work of Darwin and Wallace introduced the idea of the evolutionary theory, which changed the boundaries between humans and nature by driving people to call into question one of the fundamental ideas of the divine creation myth as written in the Bible: that humans were created by God separately from animals. Darwin and Wallace 's theory of evolution broke down this boundary between human exceptionalism and the rest of nature in the natural world by suggesting that humans arose the same way all the other animals did.
Darwin and Wallace eroded the boundary between the separation in people from animals by dispelling the Bible 's proclamation of the creation of the Universe. The event of human and animal creation, as written in Genesis, is outlined to take place in the span of one day, specifically on the sixth day of the seven-day creation of the Universe (Genesis, 1:1-2:2).…

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