Creative Development: Teaghan

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3. Creative Development
• Evidence of originality or conformity
Teaghan is very original, especially when it comes to drawing or art. On November 9th Teaghan was outside with Braydon drawing with chalk. Braydon asked her what they were making Teaghan leaned in and whispered it to him and they both started in drawing. A little while later Ms. Jessie came over and asked what Carter was making he told her a sail boat. When Ms. Jessie came over and asked the same question to Teaghan and Braydon they responded vacuum, so Teaghan told Braydon that she wanted to draw a vacuum. On November 13th Teaghan’s art works was observed hanging in the hall it was one of those abstract ‘what do you see pieces?’ She made hers and put on it that “I see dots” none …show more content…

Her creative side is not extravagant, but she does come up with out of the ordinary ideas like drawing a common household appliance such as a vacuum, putting in a whole bottle of vinegar to make apple cookies, telling Ms. Sue to make strawberry cheese, or suggesting that without stairs Carter could make the toy people fly or jump to get to the top of the tree house. Teaghan’s creativity does tend to falter a little when there are new activities or stations added to play with, so she tends to hold back. She has also been observed waiting for other children to try out the new activity or station first before she tries to join in as …show more content…

This working portfolio would be comprised of photos showing her in the dramatic play area with others joined in play with her, her building things, or participating in the art activities. The other major thing that would be added to her portfolio is her journal. This would show how her writing has improved and become more decipherable. By incorporating all of her work in a working portfolio, I can look back on it and make an assessment of her development through the whole school year. Then, after the development has been recorded, I would change the working portfolio into a showcase portfolio. This way it would display her best work at the beginning and at end of the year. Therefore, development would still be evident, but it would cut back on the amount of material that inside for the next teacher who receives

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