Creative Story : A Short Story

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Kids were screaming as they walked outside for recess. “Snowball fight!” A small boy at the age of 7, with shaggy blonde hair, covered in a crimson red Flash beanie shouted. Many kids got to work on making snowballs. I could see their whole fight from my view in the clouds. “Can I go now mom?” I asked as I turned to my mom who was trying to get my older brother ready. “Not until your brother is ready, we are going as a family. Can you get away from there, I don’t want you falling early?” Mom asked. I moved from the opening with great sadness. “It looks like they were having fun,” I mumbled to myself. It took what felt like forever for my brother, Gus, to get ready. “Mom,” I whined. “Can we go now?” “Yes, now we may go,” Mom said so calmly as she looked around our home one last time. “I’m gonna miss this place.” Gus walked up to our mom and pulled her into a tight hug. “It’s gonna be ok, Mom.” He told her, trying to calm her down, but I could see the tears in her eyes. “Mom, don’t cry,” I tried to sound concerned, but I really wanted to go. This will be both mine and my brothers first time out of this boring old cloud. As I went in to join our small family hug, my mom pushed me away. “Oh, don’t act like you care about me. All you want is to go down there and leave your old mom behind, so don’t start acting like you love me. Well- Well, may- maybe you should just go. No need for a big goodbye, you know all I did was raise you and cared for you. I did all that and I didn’t even

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