Creative Story : A Short Story

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“I’m home”, my brother called out when I heard our front door slam shut. “Daniel's with me too!”, he added. Wait a minute, I’ve never heard of anyone named Daniel so, I quickly sat up and waited for them to come upstairs since, I know that they gonna go to my brother’s room. I suddenly hear two pairs of feet thundering upstairs and the next thing I know, my room door suddenly slams open and I see a guy in the doorway, with the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen and a perfect jawline. I suddenly feel self-conscious because I was wearing a hoodie with sweats on and, my hair was in a messy bun since I had slept all day. He suddenly looks really embarrassed and he mutters something like, “sorry, I thought this was your brother’s room”. I thought that he would have a lower voice like my brother’s but he had such a high-pitched voice. I then hear my brother’s voice, “Dude, wrong room, that's my sister's room. He then said “bye!” really quick and practically sprinted out of my room After he left, I heard him ask my brother “ you have a sister???, how come you never told me, I ran in there like a complete idiot and my face turned so red!” “Dude, it’s fine, she’ll probably forget it happened anyway.” my brother replied, but I didn’t. I kept thinking about his blue eyes for hours, how was that possible to have such pretty eyes?!? I was so busy thinking about them even when I was in the kitchen making my sandwich, I was still thinking about them. I didn’t even notice another person had walked

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