Creative Story : A Short Story

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“Ok, talk to you soon” Kohen said and switched off the comm. Kohen sat on the edge of the bed with his head in his hands looking out the portal pondering the events of the last several years when he jumped at the sound of Bergess’ voice behind him. “So, I’m a thing now, eh?” she said with fake wounded pride. “Hey, I didn’t hear you sneak up on me, and no you’re the most beautiful woman in the galaxy and I still can’t believe I’m so lucky to have you with me” Kohen said in his most appreciative voice. Bergess tried to string him along a bit but couldn’t, she knew how he felt about her because she felt the same about him. “Ok, I forgive you” she said and lay down beside him again and lost herself in his arms. Hershel disconnected the comm turned to his wife and said “I guess “Admiral Quasar” is hanging up his bars. He didn’t seemed to care or even know that the scan was completed” said Hershel half-jokingly using their private name for his brother. “Oh well, I always knew he wouldn’t be as crazy driven when we got here… he was just focused at the time” said Ange. Hershel rebutted in loving contestation “He has always been a keener, a go getter, ever since I saw him again,” remembering when he came in from the east from that orphan’s slum so long ago and things had been a ball ever since, good times Hershel thought remembering the long lost brother reunion. He only had faint memories of their time together before they got separated, for they had been separated

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