Creative Story : A Short Story

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They had been together for twenty-five years. He remembered the day he had first seen her. A beautiful young girl, with strawberry blonde hair that flowed down her back in waves. Freckles spotted her face and brought out the hazel in her eyes. A soft white skirt that swished when she moved. She was gorgeous, sitting among the flowers while the other girls played and danced with each other. She sat, staring at the clouds. He had been to nervous to speak to her, so he turned in the opposite direction, tripped, and fell in a puddle of mud. When he looked up, the other children were laughing at him, but she hadn't even noticed. From then on, she had been the nameless girl, the quiet one he admired from a distance. They never had their classes together, but he always managed to spot her in the hallways. The years went on, and he remembered the nameless girl. The one with the soft hazel eyes. It was a miracle. They had a class together. But just one. All the other boys noticed her and whistled at her as she passed, but she paid no mind. She ignored them and continued walking. One day, as he was staring at her in class, she looked up. This had never happened before, and it startled him. They made eye contact, and her light hazel eyes stared into. He almost fell out of his chair in shock, but she gave him a slight smile and looked back down at her paper. He left class that day practically glowing. They continued this ritual, sometimes glancing at each other in class when one
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