Creative Story : A Short Story

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"Alex hurry up before we leave you behind.”yelled dad. "I'm coming." I said picking up my guitar and violin. I ran down the stairs stopping by the door to look around one last time. My dad had just gotten a job promotion that required us to move, so we're leaving our small town in Ferndale Florida, to the big Apple New York. I picked up my box of songs and poems, that I didn't realize I put down, and put them in the trunk. I then picked up my kitten Louis, and got in the car. "How long is the drive," my little sister Lyssa asked. "About five hours," mom answered. "Great my butt will be numb in a matter of one hour," I groaned. "Will my piano be there by time we get there mom?” I asked. "Of course, we all know how crazy you'd be if you didn't have your instruments to play," mom replied. "That’s true, I'd go insane if I didn't have my babies with me," I said. After that everything went to being quiet, but the music playing in the background. About two and a half hours later, mom turned to us and asked “Do the two of you want to stop at Zaxby's for lunch?” “Sure that's cool,” we both replied. With that said, everything was once again quite, except for the sound of rumbling stomachs. A few minutes later we arrived, and as soon as I stepped out of the car my nose hit the amazing smell of fried chicken. Looking over to my sister I yelled, “window seat”, and ran inside, with Lyssa running after me. We ran over to our table and sat down, as our parents got the food. “what did you

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