Creative Writing : A Short Story

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Clemmie licked the spoon and her eyes lit up. 'Oh, yes, yummy! It's rice pudding.' 'Who would like a cookie?' They all nodded and when Clemmie took one from the tray, they were warm, soft, and had a gooey centre. ‘Thank you, Mrs Tiffin,’ Mosaic said as he walked out the door. He licked the last of the crumbs from his fingers. When they were out in the passage, Boffin whispered in Clemmie’s ear, ‘I’m sorry I was rude earlier. I wasn’t well but Doctor Pax made me better.’ ‘That’s okay. Doctor Pax sewed up my head.’ She pointed up and he stopped to admire her stitches. Boffin said in awe, ‘Cor! I bet that hurt.’ They caught up with Kipp just in time to hear him ask, 'What’s that door?' It was a wooden door with a Private sign in brass. Kipp …show more content…

'Ahem!' Doctor Pax laughed low in his throat. 'Can you pass me my coat?’ Harmonie ran out the back door and Mosaic followed at a slower pace. Clemmie looked at Doctor Pax. He bent down to do the buttons on her coat then stopped when she asked, ‘Do you think they will fall in love?’ He sighed, then said, ‘Yes, I very much think they will.’ 'I don't want to see you hurt.' Doctor Pax blinked his eyes. 'Me, hurt? Look, don't you worry about me. Off you go now and find Harmonie.' Clemmie did as she was told and went outside. Her nose tingled with cold so she snuggled into her thick wool coat. It felt toasty and warm. The first person she caught up with was Gilt. ‘Have you settled in yet’? ‘I’m not sure. You see, I don’t feel dead.’ Clemmie admitted. Then she asked a little nervously, ‘How did you…?’ ‘How did I die? It was twenty years ago. I returned home from college one night. A man attacked me and left me for dead. He stole money from my purse so he could buy drugs, but all I had on me were four shinies. The shock made my hair turn white.' 'Oh, but it suits you.' Clemmie stared at the short-haired, tawny-eyed teacher. 'You look like a pixie.’ They caught up with Harmonie and Gentine. ‘Did I hear you mention pixies?’ asked Gentine. The four of them huddled close as they turned into the chilly wind. ‘Gentine is good at stories,’ smiled Gilt. ‘Would you like to hear one?’ Clemmie was at a loss for words and she nodded her head. Her day was getting

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