Short Story Of 'The New School'

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When Mosaic strode into the library, he pushed a pile of books to clear a table, then placed down their tray of elevenses. Gilt, the art teacher, poured out the drinks, while Gentine, the language teacher, shared out a plate of biscuits. Next to her sat Pigeon, the maths and science teacher. After Doctor Pax devoured three hobnobs, he brushed the crumbs from his jumper, pushed his spectacles further along his nose, and then cleared his throat.
‘A-hem! Shall we start? The new school term begins next week and…’
Just then, Harmonie walked into the room. ‘Look, I found this small sprig of flowers in the hallway’
While she passed it around, Doctor Pax found a book called Wild Flowers of Gloriana, and leafed through it until he reached the page
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Doctor Pax asked through his mask as he wheeled a metal table to the centre of the room. ‘How’s Clemmie?’
'Poor little mite slept through the alarm. Since she’s still pale, and if the weather stays fine, I’ll take her outside after lunch. A breath of fresh air will do her the world of good.’
When she put on her mask, she nodded, ‘I’m ready,’
Doctor Pax pressed a red button on the wall.
Soon after, the main lights dimmed and a soft white glow centred on the table. A surge of power thundered through the room, and…nothing. Sheer silence. Then...a puff of smoke swirled in the air, grew as it spun and twisted, before it settled on the table. Although it was fuzzy to start with, a body emerged from the glow. It was a small baby boy.
The baby screamed. It waved his chubby fists in the air, so Matron soothed his brow to calm him down. Next, she placed a small mask over his face and soon he was still. It only took seconds for the anaesthetic to work until he was fast asleep and free from pain so they could begin their work.
To start with, Doctor Pax made tiny puncture marks in his skin. Little pinpricks. One at the base of the neck, one at the base of the spine, and three in the wall of the chest area. He carefully fed a narrow wire through each hole which he melded to pressure points.
Not a word passed through his lips in this tense few minutes. As he held the wires one by one, he linked them up to a nearby machine. After giving them a final check, he

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