Creative Writing: Bloody Aiya

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The night was young, dark, and even a bit chilly. Yet despite all the eerie factors, they were much more of a reassurance for twenty-one year old bounty huntress, Aiya. Of course, she wasn't known simply by her first name. Anyone who had seen her poster knew her by a few names. Some people called her "Black Blade Aiya", others used "Bloody Aiya" but the most popular nickname she had been given was "Headhuntress Aiya". The reason was simple. She almost always killed her victims via beheading with her treasured blade, appropriately named Kazekami. A mix of skill from years of training plus an Ax Dial enabled her to toss air blades at her opponents from a distance if she so desired. As nice as the range was, it wasn't her forte. No, she preferred…show more content…
You know of his nickname, don't you?" "Of course I do! I always do my research on people I go after!" "Then you should know 'Hawk-Eyes' isn't just there for the hell of it ...…show more content…
She said nothing and stormed off to her room. It hadn't been until Saku had fallen asleep that she acted and stole one of the lifeboats and was using it to travel towards her destination. It had been a good three days since she had last seen or spoken with Saku. Her arms were tired, but not enough to stop her from rowing. Thankfully, the sea had assisted her every now and again by helping Aiya drift in the right direction. It was as if the very ocean itself knew of her goal and was aiming to help guide her. Moreover, Aiya had heard and read about rumors. The execution of Ace D. Portgas had recently occurred. In the process, many casualties - both Marines and non-Marines - had been resulted. That being said, it seemed logical that the Shichibukai would be in their most vulnerable states. Now, not later, was the perfect time to strike. Her eyes slowly closed once more as she let the water continue to push her forward. "So close and yet so far .. " she muttered softly, her smirk widening as an adrenaline rush fueled by anticipation began to surge through her. There had been a few times that Aiya thought back on what had likely been her last conversation with Saku, mainly to consider if this truly was too much.
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