Creative Writing: I Hate School

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The bright sunlight from outside bathed my bedroom. I rubbed my eyes and sat up. Reaching over to the nightstand beside my bed, I grabbed my black framed glasses. Every morning it's been the same, waking up, eating breakfast, watching television, work on drawings, and repeat. Today, it's different. I have school today. No, I'm not going to go on about how much I hate school, because I don't. I find school extremely interesting, to be honest. Learning about space, art and talk to friends in eight hours? Sounds perfect. One problem, the only friend I have is my neighbour, Ray Toro. A sweetheart, I tell you. He told me he would let me meet his friend at school, so I never saw them over the summer.

I jumped out of my bed and went downstairs to make myself breakfast. Dad would always be too hungover to help me do anything in the morning, making me do everything by myself. After mom died it's been hard on the family, dad especially. Night after night, he would get drunk, to the point of me and my brother shaking in a locked room. Fear, the only emotion we felt during that time. …show more content…

'Nick and Mark are bringing me. By the way, I need to borrow your bike.' I nodded, grabbing cereal and pouring milk in as well. Taking a bite of my cereal, I looked at the time. '7:34'. Sighing, I quickly finished my food and threw the bowl and spoon into the sink. Running to my room, I picked out my clothes. Black skirt with overalls, white t-shirt, black beanie and pink converse. Profusely thinking about what Ray's friends will think about me. First impressions leave a big impact, you know? Walking out of the house, I began to go to Ray's house to see if he wants to walk to school with

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