Creative Writing: Is It Worth The Cause Of Death?

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It was a weird feeling, really, to no longer feel your own heart - knowing that you are no longer part of the living. She could remember that there were times in her past when she could not fall asleep because she thought she could not feel or hear her heart. Those had been scary times thinking and not knowing if you were dying or if it was normal. She had never had anyone to confide in these thoughts before, nor did she expect that it would miraculously change now. No matter, she reasoned, now she could probably never die, if that was even the right word, in her sleep - or at least not from a heart failure. And from this, she felt a little bit comforted. She had always feared death, but strangely, having now died once she did not think much of it. It was a bit like falling asleep - granted the surrounding circumstances, a rather painful sleep! Not something she wanted to do again, however, but it was also not as bad as she had expected. That was, however, probably why she did not fear death itself but rather the cause of death. …show more content…

He would come awhile now and then to feed her. Sometimes, especially on the more sunny days of summer, he left the cupboard door wide open, because he knew.. He knew how much she detested the sunlight, and he knew she would never - not even from a promise of freedom that she would leave her cot. It was pure torture, that it

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