Creative Writing: Jaguar's Assassination

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610 Quiet. That's all there was to hear out hear.No animal would suspect any thing. They would walk in completely unsuspecting. And they would never come back out. But for now all that can be done is wait Jaguar waited for a small animal. Eventually a lone coatlmundi walked into the snare. It takes the dry crumb of bread tied to the trap. It came in, and in an instant the trap was sprung. The snare flicked up, and the animal was trapped. With a single arrow he put it out of its misery. As he took the animal back home saw a flash of light in the forest. Being wary of danger, he was instantaneously alert. As he stepped carefully toward the source of the disturbance. As he got closer he heard deep voices speaking in a strange language…show more content…
He had laid a few snare traps for lone animals, since he didn’t he did’nt have traps for large groups of animals. He caught a few coatlmundi,possums, an ant eater, and killed a monkey with a arrow. He was looking for more coatimundi when he heard the noise. A loud growl rose from the bushes. Jaguar turned around, and found himself face to face to face with a actual jaguar. Strangely, the jaguar wasn’t focused on him. It was looking behind him. Jaguar turned around. He saw what the jaguar was looking at. It was a coatlmundi. Something was off about it though. Jaguar saw it was slightly foaming at the mouth. Instinctively, he backed away. He knew of this “sickness of madness”. It was rare, but it made normally placid animals seeth with rage. He ran and the Jaguar pounced on the afflicted animal. When he got home he saw his brother at the temple. “Hello brother” he said to Jaguar. “Hello” he said. They stood in an awkward silence, until Jaguar’s brother broke the silence with a fit of coughing. Luckily he was facing the statue when he did. OhAre you okay Jaguar asked his brother. “Yes i’m fine, just a cough, nothing to worry about,”He
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