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A cool breeze was thrown into the hot summer air, and I breathed it all in. Today was August 2005, and school was nearing a little bit faster than I had hoped. I was on the swing, reading one of my favorite books. The blue bird in the distance called out, and I slowly drifted into sleep.
“Calla Andrews you better get your butt up!” Mom yelled to me. I jerked awake, opening my eyes to a tall figure. My entire family had brown eyes, except me. My little brother constantly reminded me of that difference, and sometimes asked if I was adopted. Mom had always laughed at that, but her mouth was now twisted in a frown. “Why aren’t you in your room practicing for that dance rehearsal next Thursday?” Mom asked. I sighed, and the once gentle …show more content…

My eyes opened by sun cracked windows, and I looked around to see the damage. I was very surprised to see that the floor was dry and the TV still worked. I fumbled around to see the remote. I clicked it and turned to the news. 705 people are reported as missing as a result of Hurricane Katrina(“11 facts about Hurricane Katrina”). I gasped. That’s so many! I clicked another channel, hoping for a better understanding of this event. The storm surge from Katrina was 20 feet (six meters) high (“11 facts about Hurricane Katrina”). I was confused, why was this house so dry if the storm was so powerful? Then I noticed a big detail, I was on a hill. I dragged my feet across the floor to see the wreckage. Dozens upon dozens of houses were in ruins. I ran back inside and almost started to cry. What had happened to my own family? My entire life, I was always positive in events, but I couldn’t manage even a little smile right now. to The news came back on, and I let all the information wash over me. “Hurricane Katrina was the largest and a 3rd strongest hurricane ever recorded to make landfall in the US” (“11 facts about Hurricane Katrina”). Hurricane Katrina impacted 90,000 square miles (“11 facts about Hurricane Katrina”). The last report came in, and it was the most devastating of them all. Hurricane Katrina affected 15 million people in different ways, varying from having to evacuate their homes, rising gas prices, and

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