Creative Writing: Otis Killings

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Of all the murders and crimes the police have been able to figure out they still haven't figured out one. All the killings are from one man, every single death, all in the Mayberry Forest, was by a knife. Mayberry being the town that owned that part of the forest back in the 1950’s. Keaton, hair as dark as the night, wearing a rugged leather jacket and blue jeans said, “Hey Otis, when’s Barnie coming along?” “Yea he said he’ll meet us at the cabins before we go into the hunting grounds for the night, oh and thanks for inviting me.” replied Otis, a cowboy boot wearing, redhead from Texas. Keaton nodded and said, “No problem, I saw it on some sign while driving awhile back.” Otis walked to his rusted up truck and drove towards their hunting…show more content…
This made Otis jump out of his bed looking towards Keaton, “What's a matter with you!” Keaton responded, “Sorry, just had a bad dream.” The way he said it was what really scared Otis. After the commotion, Otis turned around to see what Barnie thought or did, but he wasn't there. Otis stood up making sure he hadn't just rolled off the bed, but then a quiet clack, and then a stumble came from the storage unit, which attracted his attention to go check it out. Keaton stood up to go with Otis, putting his hand on his knife. Otis jerked opened the door to the storage room, Barnie was standing there with various illegal guns. Barnie stands up holding an AR-70 with a suppressor on the tip of the barrel and aims it at Otis. “I'm sorry, I need the money I had to use y’all as coverage from the Police, and I can't have any witnesses.” Suddenly Otis screams, trying to grasp for air from the pain. Barnie looks at his gun, he hadn’t fired it yet. Otis fell on his knees, then collapsed to the ground. Keaton holding a knife dripping with blood, drip drip drip, each drop sounding closer and closer to Barnie. Barnie took the gun and shot Keaton, but Keaton kept walking forward even though his shoulder had a gaping hole gushing blood. Keaton´s eyes filled with anger, grabbed his knife and slashed Barnie, not even thinking about the
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