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You hear the whispered shuffling of nearly silent footsteps across shag carpeting. Soft hands surround you, shrouding you in darkness and leaving only overbearing cherry lotion scents to give you a sense of where you are. A nauseating feeling comes in as you feel yourself rising, the air ever so slightly vocalizing a hushed whoosh on every side of you. A flood of warm ochre light blinds you for a moment, bringing you back to awareness. The hands that startled you before now carefully tear the plastic that once coated your body off, and you can feel their warmth much stronger than when they first held you. An air bubble pops quietly and you quickly find that a rubbing motion is spreading parts of you over rough lips that exhale a wind …show more content…

Warm air brushes against you, and you imagine it covers everything else, too. The gradient from earlier eventually fades into complete darkness, pierced only by cold, neon-toned lights. You are almost scared, but you see the girl reach for the hand of the man driving, assured and confident, and know this expedition is of safe purpose. You become eager to watch for where you will travel next, despite not knowing why these two people are driving or where they are going. The very idea of something even better than this confusing swirl of sights and sounds keeps you watching for more, taking in everything outside. Stars begin to twinkle delicately. Trees and other foliage whizz past in a barely identifiable blur. The radio is turned down so the couple can more easily chatter about how their day has been and how much they missed one another. The man’s voice carries a tone of hidden knowledge when he speaks to the woman wearing you. She looks into a mirror, and you discover that her hair matches his-- a deep chestnut brown, reflecting the bright blue lights within the car with ease-- though hers is much longer, and clearly more styled. The mirror is flipped back up, and she intertwines her hand with his once more. His are warm and sturdy, easily contrasted by her pale and dainty equivalent. The scene is beautiful in its own quaint way, but you are certain now that there must be more. Soon, the car doors both open and air as cold as the lights lining the

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