Creative Writing: Shelby's Story

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Shelby’s Story There is a girl named Shelby, she is a party girl, a late sleeper and a person who likes to chill with her cousin Sydney while watching Netflix. Just so you know, she has a zero tolerance policy for FAKE PEOPLE, or when people are rude to her family, or when people STEAL MONEY!! The places where she is most happy is her cousin Sydney’s house speaking of which she is on her way there now! “Hi Sydney!” Gasp! “Shelby! I missed you even though I saw you yesterday *Laughs* .” “Do you want to go to McDonalds with all of our friends?” “Sure let’s go.” “Ugh Sydney how did summer go by so fast? I mean we are already in the middle of winter!” I hate Winter, especially when I get stuck at school when I could …show more content…

“I don’t remember that! Were you grounded?” “Yea but I was 5 so yeah.” “Also when I threw a paper plane and tried to make it to the trash can, and then it hit my teachers head instead.” “Ohhhh, and then when we went to Skate City and then your ex David’s girlfriend tried to fight us for no reason, that wasn’t fun.” “Yea I agree.” “Sydney, what if I have been worrying too much about college, moving schools, life in general?” “I mean all they do is distract me. But I can’t help

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