Creative Writing: The American Revolution

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It was March 21st, 1765 and everything in the colony of South Carolina was as usual. I was walking back from the main store in the middle of town, I had gone to the store for some flour. I got home and helped my mother with dinner. The Seven Years War had ended a few years ago and the colonies are still recovering. The British Crown has put the sugar and currency acts on us but there are no real disruptions here.
The next morning I woke up to shouting and banging. I dressed quickly and ran outside to see what all of the commotion was about.
“Mum, what is going on out there?” I asked softly.
“I don’t know,” she answered. Then my father walked through the door.
“The British Crown has placed another act on us!” he exclaimed, “This time we have to buy a stamp with every sheet of paper, and they are very expensive.”
“Do we have to buy a stamp for our books?” I inquired softly
“Yes, unfortunately,” my father replied.
“Oh dear,” my mother replied.
A few days later my family woke up in a similar way. This time the riot was more violent. People were getting hurt and houses were on fire. The tax …show more content…

We walked into our house and we all began to prepare dinner.
That night at dinner as I was beginning to eat my father spoke.
“This is just out of hand,” he said.
“What is dear, did I burn the food, is everything alright?” my mother answered.
“The taxation, from the british government,” my father insisted
“I suppose that it is causing quite an uprising,” my mother replied
“Daddy, mummy, can we stay at home tomorrow, I am very tired?” pleaded my younger sister Abitha.
“If it is safe dear,” my mother answered softly.
“Why are the people in our town so angry?” I inquired
“Well, they don’t like that the British Crown is taxing us without giving us a place in Parliament, we can't have a say in the type or amount of tax placed on us. It just means that they can tax us unfairly,” my father

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