Creative Writing: The Murderer

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The man was begging for his life as the murderer, a man about six feet four inches and probably two hundred fifty pounds, with one arm picked the other man up, a skinny man around 5'6 and 100 pounds max who was clearly starving screamed "I'll give it back! I will I will!". The larger man said "It is to late for that now." and then John woke up. John didn't know what the dreams were but after every dream his boss gave him or one of his colleagues a job that matched them. John was a detective at the New York police department. He had been getting these dreams every few nights for the last month, he had a scheduled appointment with a psychologist later than evening. He looked over at his clock on the bedside table, it was 6:15 AM it was beeping. John had to be at work in 15 minutes and he just woke up! He cursed and flung off the covers, and showered quickly and decided he would grab something later. John arrived at the departments at 6:40, ten minutes late. He walked inside and his …show more content…

"Well this looks.. pleasent" said Danny. John took out a hankerchief and lifted the corpses head and said "We're looking for a broad chested man, about 6'4 and 250 pounds" "How could you possibley know that?" said Danny John said in a low voice "I had a dream" "Funny. Were you in the area?" said Danny "Yea I was." replied John "I tried to stop him but he threw him down and drove off before I could do anything." said John "And you didn't report it?" said Danny "I was going to today but we got the case before I could." said John. "Mm interesting" said Danny. After his visit with the psychologist he went home and went to bed. That night he dreamt about.... himself he was in an alley bleeding out from 2 gunshot wounds to the chest, one had hit his ribs and another his lung. He called out for help, but there was no reply. That's when he woke with a

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