Creative Writing : The Trip To Iraq

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I stood in formation as I had just received the information that we were headed to Iraq. The pit in my stomach grew as I had a multitude of questions filled my young mind. Was I ready? Could I save someone if it came down to me? This experience is without a doubt the most impactful thing in my life as it transformed my young mindset into one of a man. The door swung open and the heat compared to having your face in a preheated oven. I had finally arrived in Baghdad, Iraq. The feelings of angst had subsided quite a bit knowing that the trip was over. Shortly after arriving I received my room assignment and began to get settled into my consolidated housing unit. As I was laying my head down over the intercom came a blaring noise “incoming,…show more content…
This environment made me realize that things could always be worse, so appreciate what you have today because it may be gone tomorrow. This area was small and we did not receive any major casualties during our duration there. So, in turn medical and interpersonal skills grew as we learned more about behavioral health concerns with our fellow men and women. I felt as if I could handle anything at this point bring it my way and I would take care of any trauma. Consequently I came to a realization of how in such a short time my mindset had done a complete turnaround. Our commander brought us into a room and said a small group of us was going to get redirected to a base by the name of Al Assad completely separated from the Unit for the duration of the deployment. I sat there in this aid station we had stood up and cared for just like the bonds that we had made with each other hoping and praying that my name was not called. Then the name fell from his mouth “PFC Baena you are going”. I walked back to my room thinking about how I could deal with this dwelling on the bad. I snapped out of it and told myself “You have to let go of things in life and take a step into the unknown”. So once again I packed up and moved out to another unfamiliar place. We stayed in this desolate base for the remainder of deployment with very little enemy activity. I
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