Creative Writing: The Worst Kind Of Torture

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I used to think that sitting in Mrs Ewert’s class doing math problems was the worst kind of torture. I was wrong. The clock struck 12:20 but I didn't move, I just stood there thinking about what might happened to me, what WILL happen to me since I failed my last test in my next class, Mrs Berntson’s. There are rumors that she drains their blood, then hangs them upside down in her closets. Every day she washes her face with the blood of those students. And those were the lucky ones. Mrs Berntson is super ugly with greasy, stringy, torn hair, along with a super long neck and nose with a monstrous wart. Her six foot five, 230 lb body is super intimidating. “Tate it’s time for you to leave,” Mrs Ewert whispered in my ear. Franticly I whimpered…show more content…
Her voice slices through the air and pierces your eardrums. I make a mad dash to the door but at once it slammed shut. It was just Jackson Rhodes, Jackson Hegg, Maren, Nick, Alex and I stuck in Mrs Berntson’s room. They all told me earlier that they failed the test too.Her room is a dark gray with splatters of red. She says it is paint but everyone knows it is blood. “Don’t hurt us! Please!” Alex whined “Fine, have it your way, I will make it quick and painless!” Mrs Berntson screamed. With the agility of a cat, she attacked me first. I didn’t stand a chance. Before I knew it I was on the ground hollering in pain. “DON’T KILL M-” I didn’t have time to finish my sentence as I was interrupted by the battle cry of a warrior. “AHHHHHH!” Nick yelled as he tackled Mrs. Berntson off of me. Although Nick had courage, it was stupid. He was knocked out in seconds, but at least he bought me some time. I remember the story Nick’s dad, Mike, told us when we were fishing. It was about the legend of meanwhile. According to the story if you were to write meanwhile down you can get out of any sticky situation and teleport to a new place. I considered my options and I knew it was worth a shot. I grabbed a bobbie pin out of Maren’s hair and carved meanwhile into the wall. “Owwww, I hit my head!” “Are you alright?” A deep voice
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