Creative Writing: Volunteering At Kingwood Hospital

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“Alright sir, 1...2...3!” I said as I swiftly ripped off the electrodes on his now, not so hairy chest. The patient quickly brushed off his pained expression as his wife breaks out in a laugh and I try to stifle a grin. He groans saying, “you two are enjoying this aren’t you?” and proceeds to make a joke about how I must be mad at some boy by the way I’m torturing him. Laughing, I assured him that it was over now and to let me know if he needed anything else. I then drew the curtains to allow them privacy, and proceeded to the next patient. This was how I spent most of my summer mornings, volunteering at Kingwood hospital. I started during the summer of eighth grade and have loved it ever since. It has allowed me to experience all the different
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