Creative Writing: What Happened In Mrs. Price's Classroom

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As the class heads down to the cafeteria, I think hard about what happened in Mrs. Price’s classroom. Sylvia Saldivar keeps silently giggling and making faces from the front of the line.I wipe my red eyes and try not to look at her. When we get there, I sit down at a table by myself. But Sylvia walks up to me with a group of her friends and says, “So, when are you going to get your diapers changed, crybaby?” I blink hard. “Go away, Sylvia,” I say. Sylvia sneers. “What’s the matter Rachel? Hungry?” She dumps my lunch tray on the ground. “Oops,” she says as she walks away. I clean up the mess and throw it away. When we return to the classroom, Phyllis Lopez sits down next to me. “I saw what happened in the cafeteria, Rachel,” she says. “Good,”

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