Creative Writing: Who's To Blame?

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I startle awake from a sound that sounds like my alarm, I look at my alarm clock over on my bedside table it says 1:30AM. I then look to the right towards my bedroom window, and it's still dark out, then I hear it again. then look down slightly. Luka's sitting up on the side of the bed, breathing heavily, and starring at the wall. The sound I thought was my alarm only a moment before, was actually Luka screaming. Wait he's screaming, why is he screaming? I ask myself as I get off the bed and run over to the other side.

"Luka what's wrong?" I ask as I get to his side, he doesn't answer, so I just try to soothe him as best I can. I take his wrist gently in my hand as I do I realize that his pulse is rapid, I look at Luka's face, his eyes are wide. Wait hang on a minute, wide eyes, heavy breathing, and rapid pulse, I know this. "Luka, did you just have a nightmare?" I ask him, he slowly nods still unable to speak from his heavy breathing. "Okay hold on Aunt Sherry Shelby I'm in my room and I need y'all!" I yell out. …show more content…

I turn and look over my shoulder towards the both of them. "Luka just has a nightmare, I need y'all to go into the kitchen and make a warm milk foot soak like my mother use to, can you do that for me you guys?" I ask them.

"As you wish, Alpha. We'll be right back Sophie" they both reply as they speed walk out of the

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