Creon In Antigone

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Antigone is the Tris Prior of her time- as strange as that sounded- she was one who would do anything for those she cared about and will go against the law to make sure that it was done successfully. Although Creon was the main cause for her death, there were many others that took a toll. Antigone is a strong willed woman who is one for going against the ‘natural order’ of Theban culture. Antigone-as well as breaking the gender stereotype- she believed that the Gods were in charge of the deaths and Creon was only in charge of Thebes. And lastly, she is seen as a martyr for she died for her beliefs. Her actions are most admirable as throughout the play no matter who tells her-her sister mostly- she doesn’t give up. The causes of Antigone’s death show that she’s not afraid to be who she is, she has strong beliefs that she makes sure are known to others in the play and even though she unfortunately dies, it was quite admirable. In Ancient Greek culture the woman would be the subordinate in the relationship-as they were usually until recent times- and followed the certain rules that society brought onto them. Antigone seemed to be the one who disagreed with the expectations that they were supposed to fulfill. As she was one that believed in following her heart more than the rules of society she decided to go against not only the social expectations, but also the law. In the play when Antigone and Ismene are discussing the loss of their brothers Antigone comes up with a

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