Creon The Tragic Hero

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A tragic hero is defined in most cases as a literary character of great stature whose moral defect leads to tragedy but some self-awareness brings the character to make the right decision (World Literatures). That is why although Antigone portrays many characteristics of a tragic hero, the real tragic hero of this play is Creon. A tragic hero in the Greek world is very different from our perceptive of a hero in the modern world. When today’s society thinks of a hero they think of superpowers and modern heroes such as Spiderman, Superman, and ect... A tragic hero is an 'above average ' person, who still has very human flaws and therefore performs very “un-heroic” actions. The hero part takes place in the realization of the wrongs they…show more content…
Creon 's human flaws and emotions such as pride and arrogance lead to his ultimate downfall, which ties into him being the tragic hero. Creon 's ego prevents him from listening to any advice given to him. He states "My voice is the one voice giving orders in this city". Creon is not willing to listen to anybody, because he believes that going back on a decision will somehow destroy his pride. In an intense discussion with the prophet Teiresias, he warns Creon "a good man yields when he knows his course is wrong. The only crime is pride"(Literature for Composition. Scene 5. Page 459. Line 35). Creon however, does not heed to the warning and is too late in his attempt to reverse the watershed event that he has created. Creon 's pride is the flaw that leads to his downfall. Creon, unlike Antigone, shows all of the characteristics of a Greek tragic hero. He is an ordinary person, with way to much power. This is one situation as to why the sole ruler form of government was soon diminished. Creon’s actions derived from his human flaws or his fear of loosing his place as king. Creon also ends up facing suffering because due to his prideful attitude, it caused the death of three loved ones, his son, niece, and wife. Even though a tragic hero is nothing like a hero we would hear being describe today, they both teach important lessons. A hero teaches the reader right decisions and the correct course, while a tragic hero
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