Crime Against Humanity In Rwanda

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Nations should respond to crimes against humanity as a harsh crime. When a villain like person robs a bank of does an illegal act the justice system always acts immediately and gives them the appropriate punishment. But lots of times people within a nation get away with doing multiple hate crimes and Crimes Against Humanity and nobody does anything, they just sit ideally by. One example of a Crime Against Humanity is the crisis that happened in Rwanda with the Tutsis and the Thnus. Another example of a Crime Against Humanity is what happened in Nanking during the second World War. One more example is the Holocaust in Germany also during the second World War. These acts and more are great examples of Crimes Against Humanity that went unrecognized and Nations that did not have a proper punishment for their crimes. The crisis in Rwanda is still going on today and still not getting enough recolonization. There are multiple problems with the government in Rwanda. There is various types of killing massacres and tortures going on to all of the black africans of that country. They are getting highly discriminated and pushed out of there country. Hate crimes are happening every day, Thnus are burning people's house and villages leaving them the Rwandan people to either die or be homeless. While all of this is going on there is not enough action being taken, the government of Rwanda are doing everything in there power to hide the multiply sources of evidence that is showing these
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