Crime And Crime : The Criminal Justice System Essay

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Over the years, criminologists have analyzed various aspects of crime and criminality. Through continued study and ongoing research, criminologists have developed various theories as per the causes of different types of crime, whether or not some individuals are predisposed to certain types of criminal activity, legal processes of the criminal justice system, and how criminal offenders are processed. Canada’s criminal justice system comprises and constitutes various stages and components. The criminal justice system is a significant tool and entity in the proper and effective justifiable administration of justice. Also, the criminal justice system aims to adhere to different goals, principles, and provisions central to administration of justice and legal processes. The criminal justice system is used as a driving force and mechanism to implement strategies geared towards crime fighting, prevention and deterrence. The criminal justice system serves central importance particularly when sentencing prospective criminal offenders. Although the criminal justice system serves as a mechanism towards crime prevention, detection, and deterrence, discrepancies have arisen over time as to whether or not the different stages, components, and agents involved are effective in crime prevention and deterrence. Controversy has also arisen as to whether or not some criminal justice personnel adhere to proper administration of justice and rule of law. One such agent is police officers and the
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