Crime And Punishment By Fyodor Dostoevsky

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Ixchel Gonzalez Period 3 Book Report December 14, 2015 Crime and Punishment I Crime and Punishment was written by Fyodor Dostoevsky. The book was published on 1866 in Russia but then published in English on 1917. The genre of the book is philosophical fiction. II The book Crime and Punishment takes place in St. Petersburg, Russia on 1866 to 1867. The setting is important to the story because it gives the story an unique identity. The setting helps start the story with what information it needs to maintain the main idea. If the setting was to change, the characters would not be the people they are throughout the book, would not go to the same place they go and may not have done the actions they did. III Rodion Romanovitch is a former student who lives in poverty, he took a time of his education because he did not have the money to keep studying. Rodion commits an unforgivable crime, in which he will never be able to forgive himself. Rodion can be intelligent, he came up with a plan for all the possible situations that could have happened. He can also be sneaky, for example when he sneaked out of the apartment where he had committed the crime without getting caught by the two men that were waiting outside of the flat for the old pawnbroker. Rodion can also be modest, he grew up with very little money, unsure of where his next meal would come from. In the book, he does not try to act better than he actually is, he does not have as much money
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