Crime In Guatemala

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The Republic of Guatemala is located in Central America with a population of 16-34 million at the 2015 estimate (Factsheet). Guatemala gained independence from Spain in the 1820’s. There is a long history of government by authoritarian rule until democratic rule began in 1985. From 1954 until a peace accord was signed in 1996 there was civil war sparked by guerrilla opposition (Anderson). The languages spoken are: Spanish and Amerindian(Riches). The official language is Spanish, but the local, historical languages from the ancient Mayan languages are a part of everyday life. The government of Guatemala is classified as a presidential or democratic republic. The current president is Jimmy Morales and the vice president is Japheth Cabrera (Current Government). The capital city is Guatemala City. “In theory, education is free, secular, and compulsory through primary school. Secondary schools train teachers, agricultural experts, industrial …show more content…

The currency used is the quetzal. There are no required vaccinations, but several are suggested. U.S. citizens must have their passport to enter and leave the country. US citizens who enter either El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, or Guatemala can legally travel before the four. The threat of crime in Guatemala is rated as critical and citizens are to urge caution, although US citizens are not specifically targeted they are seen to have more money. Crimes are more frequently being committed in areas that were previously considered “safe”. Women should be especially careful as sexual assault reports are high. Theft, carjacking, and armed robbery are most common. The embassy advises to stay out of certain zones and not to use public ATMs. Do not hail taxis, the safest means of travel is through radio-dispatched taxis (U.S. Department of

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