The Civil War: The Role Of Drug Trafficking In Guatemala

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Imagine trying to escape something cruel and devastating, only to being rejected and not welcomed. This is how immigrants feel. A majority of immigrants are looking for a new start, and America could potentially be the answer for them. America should receive immigrants and not neglect them when they are in need. Also, immigrants need to be embraced with open arms and not looked as criminals.
The Civil War, in El Salvador, took place from 1980 until 1992. The government, guerilla groups, and parliamentary forces were all a part of this war. This war affected many citizens because their rights were disregarded, they were treated barbarically, and more than 75,000 Salvadorans were killed during this war (El Salvador). Families and individuals …show more content…

The war was fought between the government and rebel groups that made up the more poor part of Guatemala. The civil war was the root cause of Guatemala’s violence today. One form of crime that Guatemala faces is drug trafficking. Guatemala connects the United States, South America, and Mexico together when it comes to drugs trafficking (Bunck). There are many drug trafficking routes that pass throughout Guatemala, so they can distribute it to larger organizations in Mexico and Colombia. In addition, drug related crimes goes hand and hand with gangs. Gangs in Guatemala are spreading rapidly, many people are born into gangs and cannot leave. This results in more crimes like murder, kidnapping, theft, and having illegal items. Guatemala also has a corrupt government. Many military officers are involved with illegal activities. In some cases, criminals can buy their way out of getting into trouble and even buy their support from police officers (Bunck). This goes to show that Guatemala has a weak government that can be easily …show more content…

One of Trump’s promises when he got elected was to build a wall along the southern border to prevent illegal immigrants to come into the United States. The reason Donald Trump wants to build a wall is to isolate and to “improve the safety in both of [the] countries”. Trump stated: “The unprecedented surge of illegal migrants from Central America is harming both Mexico and the United States” (News). Another statement that Trump made during his election was that Central Americans are taking jobs away from U.S citizens. In his rally in Phoenix Trump said about illegal immigrants that, “They’re taking our jobs. They’re taking our manufacturing jobs. They’re taking our money” (Politi). Trump has strong views on immigration and there are plenty of examples to back up on how he views

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