Crime Is Only Committed By People From A Low Socioeconomic Upbringing

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Today’s news and Media outlets have helped to paint a portrait of crime in America. This picture leads our nation to believe that crime is only committed by people from a low socioeconomic upbringing. This is not an uncommon train of thought due to the numerous studies and samplings showing just this hypothesis. Average Americans see television shows and movies portraying people from lower socioeconomic areas as criminal, specifically young men who are minorities. The idea of this is based on a reflection of our Justice system here in the United States. The United Stated justice system has been twisted throughout the years by favoritism shown towards people of the Middle and Upper class. I myself came from a family where just feeding the kids was hard to accomplish. No matter what or income or housing conditions my mother’s chief concern was the well-being and education of her children. She did not use her socioeconomic status as a crutch and fall into a life of crime. My mother made sure what little money she made went to a better education for her children and that we knew the difference in right and wrong. Whenever everyone else in our community was on some type of drug or commit some type of crime my mother refrained from these activities. Theories such as the Strain Theory would have people believe that negative socioeconomic factors are the reason that people commit crimes, also that because people are poor they see an inability to achieve their goals which

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