Crime, Social Order And Control

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Dainah Mc Neill


Criminology and Criminal Justice

Crime, Social Order and Control

Brian Payne

Word Count: 1500

Reflecting upon the current prison regime in the UK, critically consider arguments and evidence related to the application of criminal justice policy

This essay will discuss both prisons and the criminal justice system. It will undertake research to see if the prison system is working in todays society and also look at all the research within the prisons such as the rehabilitation methods and resettlement methods. By focusing on these number of methods it will be able to show if they work and what happens if they do not. Within the last two decades there has been a new …show more content…

This may not be a positive thing for the prisoner as it could lead to attacks however it is done in order of the safety of individuals especially those who may live near or be close to the criminal. However when you give these criminals a label they will find it hard to get rid if it. They may be free from crime for a number of years but when they have certain labels given to them they may never be truly free from the crime they have committed. This can happen to the likes of sex offenders. Once they have committed the crime they are then put onto the Sex Offenders List and therefore this may prevent them from reoffending. Another way to label criminals is by doing community service. Those criminals who take part in community service often have to wear high visibility vests which often make them stand out to other people.

The Prevention of crime had two key elements. The first key element according to Hughes and Edwards (2005) was primary situational crime prevention. This element is where crime prevention technologies are installed in both private and public spaces. The second element is the social crime prevention. This key element is used to changed the minds of criminals and focuses on many different development schemes such as rehabilitation scheme which is used to help stop the offender from reoffending again in the future. From these two key

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