Crime defined the moral and behavioral standard of the society

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In a society, crime is inevitable. Crime has its effect to the society’s moral and behavioral standard because it distinguishes the line between right and wrong. Since the society transform from an agricultural and domestic to a modern society, more people are educated. This transformation created different classes in a society, upper class, middle class and lower class. Karl Marx suggested that capitalism inherent a class system in which class relations are characterized by conflict. Although owners of capital and workers are dependent on the other – the capitalists require labours to produce products; where workers need wages from the owners– the dependency is highly unbalanced (Giddens, 2009). Therefore, workers have been living under…show more content…
It can be termed the collective or common consciousness.” (Allan & Allan, 2005). The moral consensus can help the society become more stable and less argument. But it does not end the happening of crime and deviance, it only prevent these to happen, as long as everyone follow the norms and do not commit crime. Achieve any moral consensus is difficult, everyone have different opinions and perspective, the mind of people are complex. For example, some people disagrees homosexuality in society, but others may think homosexuality is a freedom of choice to their personal sexuality. People’s morality values depends on many factors, such as religion, culture background, education. Since there are not any moral consensus in the past, people can think critically from different perspectives or point of views. That is reason that the crime still necessary in this modern society, it distinguish the moral consensus and guide the pattern of the society, to allow the people within have a stable and peaceful life. The idea of crime does various in different places and culture environment. The education systems in developed societies has a function to teach the children be responsible and give the concept of collective good. Children have instilled the concept of crimes, values and behavior that are good for society’s development. Hence, they do try to learn academic skill, knowledge, critical skill about moral and values that can apply into daily life for society’s
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