Criminal Crime : A Crime, Assault, Burglary, And Assault

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When hearing about a crime that has been committed, individuals do not tend to think about spending time with that criminal. This is on account of the individual portrayed as a criminal, one who has the mentality of perpetrating a rough offense. Regardless the age of the criminal, he or she in any case would be an unappealing party to those that are “model citizens.” Felony crime is characterized by the Department of Justice as “crime, assault, burglary, and attack” (Legal Dictionary). According to the Uniform Crime Report, property crime is number one of the crimes committed by persons under the age of 18. Property crime is also high in numbers for children age 15 and under. Although juveniles arrested for violent crimes have decreased from 2013 to 2014 by 3.8 percent, these crimes are still being committed (Uniform Crime Report, 2014). It is of society’s declaration that any individual who perpetrates a felony crime needs to be arraigned the same way, consequently that minors must be indicted as adults. What is left unsaid is that these same minors have certain reasons as to why they act in the manner that they do. The purpose of this paper is to justify as to why juvenile offenders should only be tried as adults in acts of murder.
A crime committed by children is a genuine and developing plague. “The figures for adolescents carrying out law violations that are heterogeneous or non-genuine mirror those of guilty parties between the ages of eighteen and twenty” (U.S.
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