Criminal Influences Essay

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Criminal influences
Approximately 2.7 million children have at least one parent behind bars, that is a huge amount –1 in every 28 children have a parent incarcerated. (“FAQ’s) Racial factors have nothing to do with crimes, and how one is raised or brought up or taught may be closely linked to the creation of a criminal.Even though people can be influenced negatively to do wrong, it is not race that shape a criminal, it is nurture, because young person’s brains are still developing, and genetics.
As a child moves through his or her adolescent stage in life. Their brains are still developing, throughout this stage in their lives children retain more information and this is where they learn right from wrong. If a child grows up in a household …show more content…

increased by 57 percent. 75 percent of incarcerated women are mothers (Casey, A).”A child and their mother will always have a special bond throughout their life A child and their mother will have this bond because she carried him or her for nine months and also was the first skin to skin contact that most babies had after they were born which is one of the best things for a baby and their mother. When a child is still in its adolescent stage of life they need their mother there for them the entire time whether it be for breast feeding discipline or just to have a “motherly figure around”. As the child grows older have their mother incarcerated will have many challenging difficulties such as financial instability, instability in family relationships and sturcture and residential mobility (Casey, A). Having them in jail or prison will make it very difficult on a child because they are not getting the nurturing that comes from a mother as they grow and become more mature, Growing up without a mother. Being a round telling a child what is wrong and right can cause a young child to not want to listen to anyone because they see what their mother do and thinks that they can also get away with whatever they

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