Criminal Justice System Label Affects Fender

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The United States is the nation who incarcerates more offenders than any country in the world, this means that the cost of imprisonment, and healthcare for inmates is an expensive cost for taxpayers. The role of probation and parole was develop as a relief for taxpayers in order to reduce the cost of imprisonment. This supervision programs were develop in order to rehabilitate the offender, release into the community, and to prepare the offender to gain skills to obtain a job. Offenders spend a hard time trying to look for an employment, but the criminal justice system label affects the offender. There are many factors that affect the offender while trying to look for employment: criminal background, race, education, skills, and the social…show more content…
After releasing probationers and parolees, the key to achieve supervision and to reduce recidivism is employment. The link between unemployment and crime is a major risk for a risk factor. The reciprocity of crime and unemployment has been studied by many researchers. According to the authors “prison is a cycle; they commit serious crimes, are arrested and incarcerated, serve their time in prison, are released, commit new crimes, and are arrested and re-incarcerated (Kethineni, & Falcone, 2007, p.36). The role of employability is particularly important in ex-offenders’ efforts to avoid recidivism. There one assumption that states that persons who value employment would be reluctant to engage in criminal behavior. The stigma of having a criminal record effects the offender’s opportunities while trying to obtain a job.
The criminal background of the offender possibilities of obtaining employment because many employers are not willing to hired ex-convicts. According to the authors “A survey of 3,000 employers in four major metropolitan areas revealed that two-thirds would not knowingly hire an ex-prisoner” (Abadinsky, 2015, p.182). The effects of the criminal record are crucial to the offender’s involvement in crime. The lack of employment is directed to poor financial stability and reinvolvement in crime. Statistics demonstrate the employers negative view on the criminal record “The results showed that there was a reduction of 50 per cent in the
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