Criminal Justice System Label Affects Fender

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The United States is the nation who incarcerates more offenders than any country in the world, this means that the cost of imprisonment, and healthcare for inmates is an expensive cost for taxpayers. The role of probation and parole was develop as a relief for taxpayers in order to reduce the cost of imprisonment. This supervision programs were develop in order to rehabilitate the offender, release into the community, and to prepare the offender to gain skills to obtain a job. Offenders spend a hard time trying to look for an employment, but the criminal justice system label affects the offender. There are many factors that affect the offender while trying to look for employment: criminal background, race, education, skills, and the social factors. Labeling the offender clearly minimize the opportunity of obtaining employment, as a result the increase if probability of recidivism is higher for offenders. Finally the connection of crime, unemployment and recidivism have an effect on the employment opportunities.
Probation and parole is designed to release low risk offender into the community, by providing supervision by the law enforcement agency. According to the author “Imprisonment cost more than 12 times as much as probation” (Abadinsky, 2015, p.29). This means that probation serves as an alternative to incarceration and to reduce prison overcrowding. Parole is characterized by an exhaustive decision made by the parole board by releasing the low risk convicts labeled by…
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