Criminal Law 101

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The differences between legal rules and other kinds of rules is that criminal law refers to the consequences associated with breaking them. As the substantive law meaning that it is the law of crimes, referring that Criminal law is the code conduct that all in the society need to follow the rule, and the prohibitions on murder, assault, and burglary. Meaning that if an individual violates or commits these crimes they are going to be treated as a criminal by punishing act from the state. Civil law is refers to procedural law to follow the rule of the state from someone that has committed a crime. Which it is divided into 5 categories, for example torts, property, contract, family, and juvenile law.

2) Give one or two examples of how changing values and/or technology have led to changes in the law. Technology such as the cameras that police officers had on their uniform is a way of protection to themselves and the civilians in a situation, where a problem or crime scene it happened at that moment. Meaning that it is a way to record a evidence that it can be use in the court, that can be one example of how changing the values or technology have led to changes in the law.

3) Do you believe that “ruling class” (decide for
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I would say I preferred lived under a brutal dictator such as Hitler, Stalin, or Saddam Hussein than suffer the chaos of society without any kind of law. Because under the power of a brutal dictator we still have some type or rules to follow, that if you follow the law you will lived in one way or the other with peace. Instead of living under a chaos of a society without law, it would be so hard to lived and peace and not to be dead. Because in this situation you can do any type of robbery, rape someone, and kill anyone in the street, so for this reason I preferred lived under a brutal
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