Criminal Process From Arrest Through Sentencing And Appeal

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The Criminal Process from Arrest through Sentencing and Appeal
Rigoberto Felix
Brandman University

The Criminal Process from Arrest through Sentencing and Appeal
Our society for the most part has a set of written laws by which it operates under. Laws govern our behavior in society and list punishments by which individuals that break them will be prosecuted and sentenced. Our criminal justice system is essential made up of three major intuitions which see a case from the beginning and through the trial and finally to the punishment phase ("How Does the Criminal Justice System Work?," 2014). Our society needs laws and punishment for those who violet the laws otherwise we would live in a world of chaos. In this paper we will examine various aspects of the criminal process from arrest through sentencing and appeal.
Criminal Law was essentially set up by the legislative and Congress, and includes the sentences by which individuals who violate the laws will be punished. A case will begin when an offense has occurred. Law enforcement will begin their process of investigation and gather evidence against the person who had committed the offense. Offenses are categorized as a summary of crimes, misdemeanors, and felonies. There are five categories of the violations of criminal law that can be categorized as either: felonies, misdemeanors, offenses, treason and espionage, and inchoate offenses (Schmalleger, 2015).
There are six categories of law however; two

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