Criminology : Crime And Crime

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Gangs have been exceptionally violent in recent years. Criminology, in respect to gangs, refers to the acts of violence and theft conducted by gangs, which are also prohibited by the law and law enforcement bodies. Legislators have created laws and strategies that have been very fundamental in tracking down gangs. Criminal experts state that the key to curbing criminology among gang members is finding and understanding the manner in which they work, as well as looking at the methods they use during their operations. This paper analyzes the aspect of criminology as it pertains to gangs within the context of sociological perspectives. It goes on to elaborate on why this issue is an emerging topic of concern in modern societies. This paper further uses various theories and theorists to enrich the analysis of this topic. Linda Schmidt is a criminology expert and FBI agent in the department of community outreach in Ohio, who has worked and solved many cases in street gangs. She has tirelessly worked on issues involving street gangs. Through her experience and expertise, she provides rich insights regarding gangs and how the police should be trained to deal with gangs. She provides views on gang-infested neighborhoods, working with members of gang groups in schools, courts and prisons. She has also provided training for community groups, educators and law enforcement officers. Considering criminology in the context of gangs, Schmidt suggests that the first step towards having
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