Criminology : Criminology 's The Future

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Criminology in The Future By Adrian Gallardo CJS 231 Professor Christopher Bough January 18, 2016 Criminology in the Future Introduction Crime in the early ages was fought by very little resources because the technology was not as advance as it is now. In the early years police officer did not even have vehicles they had foot patrol then they moved on to motorcycles then to vehicles known as radio vehicles. Our criminal justice system is not stopping here they plan on making sure we have all the necessary tools to keep fighting crime and moving forward together to make this place a safer community to live in. The only reason we may not see a progress in the future of criminology is because at time…show more content…
Some of the things included in the patriot act was to be able to tap phones better, sharing intelligence documents, knowing what was going on in the internet, and the most important was to know who came into our borders. Biometrics played a part in the screening process because it allowed us to help identify the terrorist. The military was given drones devices that could be used as surveillance so they knew when the attacks were coming before it happened. Law enforcement also has been given tools like robots that make an entrance into a residence before the actual police officers enter into the building to prevent them from getting killed. Theses are all technologies that have been advanced and will become strong in the future because the government is giving the criminal justice officials more tools than ever given before. Our local law enforcement has been trained for the unexpected things because of the tragic events this Country has been through. Before they did not have lap top in their vehicles, devices like GPS or even a black box that could track the miles per hour they where traveling at the time of an accident or even if the officer or agents were wearing a set belt. The black box inside of a police officers vehicle can save their life because if the officer is involved in a shooting and he does not know where he
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