Critical Analysis Of Kipling

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Journal Four: Audience In this piece, there would be two separate audiences. There would be the audience the piece was directly written to, his son, and then the audience that the piece was broadly applied to, everyone else. As far as his son goes, the message would be more sentimental and direct for him. The overarching goal is for him to be a Man. The way for him to get there would be from the communicator, his father, and taking the experiences that are being shared with him to learn from them. The value would be a lot closer and stronger with this audience compared to the audience of everyone else because of the emotional bond shared between the two. As for the broader audience, the closeness would vary depending on their stance on manhood and their life experiences. Some households are brought up differently and the ideology of being a man is much stronger, while others don’t hold it as high. In addition, life experience can play a role because the maturity of an individual is largely shaped by the experiences that they go through. Therefore, where a person is in life and what they have gone through will play a significant role in determining the impact that this piece makes in that individual’s life.
The audience wants to gain perspective from a well-respected speaker. One of the audiences being Kipling’s son, he is trying to build character of himself to benefit himself for the future. Kipling’s son is trying to make it through these experiences that the father is
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