Critical Analysis Of Shepard Fairey's We The People

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America is known to be the land of the free and the home of the brave. Yet, the country also has a history of oppressing its citizens. Throughout its history the United States has overcome great struggles; however, there are conflicts that still remain today. One issue that continues in this era is discriminating against someone due to a difference in race, religion, ethnicity, and other traits that make people unique. In response to these current issues developing in the United States, Shepard Fairey created the “We the People” series. This series demonstrates that everyone is American despite their heritage, gender, or skin color.
Fairey demonstrates this message in two ways. The first is by his use of color. Fairey only uses the colors of the American flag in his series: red, white, and blue. The use of this color arrangement supports a sense of harmony and demonstrates that the United State is made up of various cultures. The second way the artwork exhibits this idea of unity is by using illustrations of those who often face discrimination. This includes women, Muslims, African Americans, and Latinos. Often members of those communities are seen as minorities, and encounter threats of deportation and are often faced being dehumanized. Essentially, the different elements put together create a coherent theme that it shouldn’t matter an individual’s heritage, gender, religion, or other traits. All citizens of the United States should be treated with equal respect.

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