Critical Analysis Of The Lost Generation By Ernest Hemingway

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The British Library

The web page, written by the British Library staff addresses the group of popular writers and artists of the 1920’s commonly referred to as “The Lost Generation”. The target audience of the article is teenagers to young adults as they use vocabulary that can easily be understood by the younger generations. Most of the information is gathered through the novels and other works of the members of the Lost Generation and is strongly credible as the article bases its factual interpretations based on primary sources. The article covers multiple members of the groups, addressing the topic while covering both literature and art aspects, the great war, its symbolism and the aftermath. The source is valuable as it offers a deeper understanding of Ernest Hemingway, his beliefs and the connection that he holds to the “Lost Generation”. No exact date is provided in the article but as it deals with a topic that came into light almost a century ago, the source is still considered to be accurate.

Encyclopedia, Britannica

The encyclopedia article, written by Philip Young, a university professor, focuses on the life of Ernest Hemingway. The article documents his struggles, achievements, especially looking at the effect that World War I and other major wars had on the writer. Due to the extensive research, the article has a very solid coverage on the author’s life. It was created using numerous other published books written about Hemingway which are cited at the bottom

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