Critical Analysis Of Things Fall Apart

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Introduced by the story of a young man’s troubles and accomplishments by mere fighting, Achebe’s Things Fall Apart, from its first few paragraphs, begins to tell the story of a tribe in Africa right before its colonization. A lyrical story of the struggles and societal reality centered around a flawed man, Achebe attempts to make Africa human in a world were mostly limited and dehumanized European perspectives on African lives existed. A story about culture, characters, and perspectives that are not perfect, he perfectly produces a novel about the human and real side of colonialism. Things Fall Apart is about moral and immoral characters, the consequences of childhood trauma, the power of nostalgia, the constant shifting of beliefs and, most importantly, the everyday aspects of mere human existence.
One of the best ways to explain the way that Achebe has created his human and complex perception of Africa is by examining his characters and their childhood experiences. Whether its adult or child characters, Achebe occasionally gives an insight into their complex childhood feelings, emotions, and experiences. The traumas and perspectives that children go through in the story are perfect examples of human experiences that result in decisions and affect the outcomes of the story. Some scenes present the children’s confused feelings over their surroundings, and set the scene for a place that is complex and traumatizing. He is essentially making the story one about parents and

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