Critical Analysis OfMoney, By Pink Floyd

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“Money” by Pink Floyd is a song written by Roger Waters and released in May of 1973 (Genius). The primary focus of the song beyond the obvious (money) is the subtle commentary the singer makes on the American capitalist system. At the time of its release, the post World War II Soviet Union’s economy was booming, and massive periods stagflation in America began to force citizens to question the validity of the regulated brand of capitalism made popular in the decades following Roosevelt’s New Deal (Nielsen). The song appears at first glance and is accepted by most to be a sardonic condemnation of the wealthiest members of society. However, a closer analysis reveals that Waters’ original intent was for the song to be taken literally; “Money” is undoudbetdly a praise of capitalism. The broad message of the song and the nuanced linguistic choices contained therein serve to simultaneously affirm a capitalist system and glorify wealth. Before beginning and for the sake of clarity, vocalist David Gilmour will be the presumed speaker of the song and any references to its content will attributed to him. Most important in analyzing the passage is the overall meaning intended by the speaker, Gilmour, and the structure of the song is paramount in determining it. In the first line, he glorifies wealth and de facto the institutions from which it is produced. “Money, it’s a hit” he claims, whilst the baseline jauntily echoes his painfully obvious positive attitude (Pink Floyd, 9). His

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