Critical Analysis of "Death's Waiting List" Essay

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In the article “Death’s Waiting List” Sally Satel argues that the sale of organs should be allowed in the U.S. She hopes to convince the reader that the only guarantee of getting a transplant is to skip the wait list and just buy one. Although Satel makes a good argument she seems very biased and provides biased evidence to support her claims. Satel claims that there is a problem with organ donations. In order to prove this she begins her argument by stating that the wait for a kidney in a big city, “is five to eight years and expected to double by 2010.”(2) Well, it is now 2012 and it still takes the same amount of time to get a kidney transplant. The time did not double like Satel claimed it would. As a matter a fact according to the …show more content…

There are several solutions that Satel rejects and ignores. She rejects the Institute of medicine’s “frustrating report.” She says that instead of issuing the report as “Organ Donation: Opportunities for Action.” they should have subtitled it,“Recommendations for Inaction.” This sounds very unethical. She then explains that it is a new initiative which expands donor eligibility to patients who died of cardiac arrest. She says, “organs now can only be retrieved from those who suffer brain death.”(9) At first she agrees that it is a decent idea because more people die of heart failure than brain death, but then she says that supply will still fall short of need. It seems as if she felt threatened by this proposal and she just had to mention it so she could bash it in her article. To make matters worse, her counter argument also sounds very weak compared to the proposal. She provides no evidence to back up her claim. Why will it fall short of need? Satel fails to mention this evidence to back up her claim. It is very unfair of her.
Satel mentions but ignores the European Incentive, “Presumed Consent”(10) it basically considers citizens donors at death unless they sign an anti-donor (or opt-out) card. She does not say how this could help or hurt with the high demand of organs transplants. It seems as if she did not tackle the incentive because she had no strong arguments against it. Satel does not fairly

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