Critical Analysis of The 5th Wave Essay

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In a world where a mysterious alien race has besieged Earth- survival is the ultimate goal. 95% of the world’s population was not able to achieve this goal; Cassie Sullivan is one of the “lucky” ones. The “others,”as the humans call them, set up five waves to eradicate the human race. Surviving the first wave wasn’t too difficult, it was, after all, just an EMP strike. The second wave really shook the world, literally. The aliens set the Earth’s tectonic plates in motion, causing thousands of off-the-chart earthquakes. The tsunamis that spurred from these quakes were detrimental; killing about 50 percent of the world’s overall population. The third wave proved to be the most emotionally devastating. A gruesome plague- created by the aliens …show more content…

Little does Cassie know, there is one person who is willing to risk his life to help her save her brother, Evan Walker.
Cassie’s mission is to escape the aliens and save her brother; Ben Parish’s is strikingly similar. Benjamin, age 17, was captain of the varsity football team, a prodigy in all things school, and he had a smile that could charm anyone. But brilliance and charm alone can not get him out of his current situation; sergeant and squad leader of a military unit assigned to eliminating alien infected persons. While in training at the military’s Camp Haven, Ben meets a very young boy named Sammy. Sammy is the same age as Ben’s now dead sister, five years old. He swore to himself that he would not let anyone hurt Sam, like the “others” murdered his little sister. No matter what the stakes, Benjamin will try to help Sam escape the alien compound that is Camp Haven.
Books that get published nowadays are usually intended for a specific audience. This often leads to a lack of interest by different audiences; Yancey, however, mitigates this problem with ease. “Finding a manuscript that will satisfy both audiences has become the holy grail of publishing. It's a tricky line to walk, and few succeed. But Rick Yancey's wildly entertaining new novel, The 5th Wave, is such a book” (Cronin). Mr. Cronin states it quite well, the book is incredibly entertaining. From

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